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2014 and 2015 Chevy Malibu Leads in Mainstreaming Start/Stop Technology

ST. LOUIS, Miss – Stop wasting, start saving! Chevrolet is taking an innovative technology and steadily making it a standard in the mid-size sedan market. More specifically, the Chevy Malibu has led the way in mainstreaming start/stop technology with its 2014 … Continue reading

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2015 Impala Offering Standard Stop/Start Technology

ST. LOUIS, Miss – Chevrolet has officially announced that the 2015 Impala Will Offer Standard Stop/Start Technology, a few steps behind the Chevy Malibu which acquired the enhancements late last year. The full-size sedan is equipped with the base 2.50-liter four … Continue reading

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Corvette’s New Eight-Speed Transmission to get 30/MPG

ST. LOUIS, Miss – Typically, when you hear the word Corvette you would not think fuel-efficient. Well according to General Motors, we just may be able to put the two together. The Corvette’s New Eight-Speed Transmission is expected to get 30/MPG … Continue reading

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Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Improving Fuel Economy

ST. LOUIS, Miss – You know the drill – gas prices shoot up, then they graciously drop down, they shoot right back up, and so on. Regardless of the amount per gallon, we are always looking for ways to save … Continue reading

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