Good Things Rolling Out of GM’s New Brake Test Facility

ST. LOUIS, Miss – Good Things are Rolling Out of GM’s New Brake Test Facility and very quietly we might add! Say goodbye to a moans, squeals, grinds and goans, because a quiet braking experience is on the rise. General Motors is working to ensure their brakes lead the industry in silence, no matter what the weather condition, with the new brake chassis dynamometer. The new dynamometer is a complex development that was created with help from Link Engineering. In order to ensure that GM had completely removed the squealing noises, a new 14,000-square-foot facility needed to be fully equipped with state-of-the-art accommodations. 

Good Things are Rolling Out of GM’s New Brake Test Facility now that engineers are able to locate and address the remaining 15 percent of brake noise frequencies that they were unable to mitigate before. For the 1,000 stop brake tests that took GM two weeks to complete, engineers are now able to tackle in two and a half days -not to mention get 900 more stops in! The test chamber at the new facility in Milford, Michigan, is padded with jagged sound proofing, providing a quiet testing environment and sparing others from obnoxious nosies or vibrants that can occur during testing. The room also accommodates rapid changes in climate and moisture conditions as well as dramatically alter the temperature within 15 minutes. 

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