Chevrolet Camaro Sales Surpass Mustang

Chevrolet Camaro sales

Two of the most iconic sports cars in the American market are the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro. The two often go head to head, targeting similar enthusiast niches and accumulating their individual fan followings. However, recently, the Chevrolet Camaro sales numbers pulled ahead of the Mustang’s for the first time in two years, when the sixth-generation version of the Mustang debuted.

September sales say that the Camaro managed to sell 6,577 units just that month alone, jumping ahead of the Mustang with a difference of 148 units. The biggest reason for the jump in sales is a rise in customer incentives for the Chevy Camaro. In the month of September, Chevy dealers went from offering $1,080 in incentives to a staggering $3,340. That’s a big discount in the long run. Meanwhile, the Mustang is suffering a significant 32% drop in sales for the same period.

The Camaro has a history of outselling the Mustang. Following the fifth-gen Camaro model that debuted in 2010, the Camaro stayed a step ahead of its rival for four years, until the Mustang surpassed it in November 2014. Current Chevrolet Camaro sales suggest the model may be making a comeback and pulling ahead once again.

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