Easy, Post-Winter Car Care Tips and Tricks to Start Off Spring

Spring Cleaning

Now that the final snows have melted and spring is upon us, it’s time to inspect your car and evaluate what damage has been done by the intense winter season. To get started, check out these tips for post-winter car care to best care for your vehicle:

  • Inspect your windshield wipers for rust and tears in the squeegee, and make sure you have enough wiper fluid left.
  • Either switch back from snow tires to all-season tires, or make sure that your current tires are in good shape.
  • Double check that your air conditioning is working, before it gets so hot that you turn it on for the first time this year.
  • Re-stock your first-aid kit, and if you don’t have a first-aid kit in your car, now is the time to set one up.
  • Lastly, practice “spring cleaning” early this year by cleaning both the inside and the outside of your car.

Follow these post-winter car care tips, and not only will it make your spring driving ventures better, but it will help to keep your vehicle in better shape! For more car maintenance tips or to start out the spring season with a brand new car, visit us anytime at Don Brown Chevrolet.

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