New Silverado Commercial Gives You One More Reason to Love Chevy

2016 Chevrolet Silverado

If you were watching any college football bowl games earlier this month, you may have caught Chevy’s new Silverado commercial highlighting the all-American favorite pickup’s new “Mobile Office” connectivity features. (If you missed it, you can watch it here now.) The new Silverado commercial is a continuation of Chevy’s popular “Real People, Not Actors” campaign, and once again a lot of real people and not actors are wildly impressed by Chevrolet; this time, people are impressed by Chevy’s 4G LTE Wifi.

In this commercial, Chevy points out a laundry list of stellar connectivity features that blow those of the competition out of the water (though, without spoiling anything, Ford’s “features” do include a fax machine-enabled trailer, which is pretty retro-chic). Chevy highlights its RemoteLink, OnStar, and 4G LTE features as well as its compatibility with both Apple CarPlay for iPhone users and Android Auto for Droid users.

And here’s an awesome statistic to leave you with: Chevrolet has sold more 4G LTE enabled vehicles (1.4 million, to be exact,) since June 2014 than the rest of the industry combined. When it comes to connection, no one is doing it better than Chevrolet. And this includes your cell phone carrier!  Watch the video to see what we mean!

Be sure to stop in to Don Brown Chevrolet today to try Chevy’s 4G LTE on the brand new 2016 Silverado!

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