Get Ready for Winter with These Late-Fall Prep Tips

Fall Roads

Welcome to November, with cold winds, daily frost, scattered snow, icy roads, and all sorts of other wonderful elements that can damage your car – but, not if you prepare! Fall and winter can wreak havoc on your vehicle, but these late-fall prep tips will help keep you protected.

Watch your tire pressure. Fluctuating temperatures cause fluctuations in your tire pressure. Avoid a blow out by keeping tabs on your tires and making sure the pressure is always within the range suggested in your manual.

Keep your tank filled. Having a full tank of gas is a good idea for two big reasons. First, you never know when that first big winter storm will hit, and the last thing you want is to be stuck somewhere without enough fuel to get home. Secondly, gas in your tank helps to stop moisture from forming in your fuel lines where it can freeze, which can create an even bigger problem!

Check your oil. Oil viscosity, or thickness, plays a big part in how your car runs in varying temperatures. In colder environments, you’re engine will run better with a lighter oil. Check your owner’s manual for suggestions.

These late-fall prep tips can be the difference between a headache and an easy ride; make sure you follow them and stay safe this season!  Tell us at Don Brown Chevrolet if you have any suggestions for your vehicle this winter!

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