Corvette Z06 Clocks Fastest Time in Car and Driver’s Lightning Lap

2016 Chevrolet Corvette Z06

What do McLaren, Porsche, and Lamborghini all have in common? Besides not being a Chevy, they were all beat by the Corvette Z06.

Last month during Car and Driver’s Lightning Lap at Virginia International Raceway, Corvette Z06 clocked the fastest speed of 2015 with an impressive two minutes and 44.6 seconds. This awesome time is the second fastest in the history of the Lightning Lap; the number one time is held by a Porsche 918 Spyder, a vehicle which is almost eight times more expensive than the Corvette Z06.

During the race, the winning Z06 averaged 89.7 mph, hitting a top speed of 153.5 mph, all along 4.1 miles of hairpin curves and drastic turns. What makes the Corvette Z06 capable of these unbeatable feats? Its combination of the most advanced carbon-fiber materials, incredible downforce technology and engineering, and 650 horsepower.

The Car and Driver Lightning Lap did more than showcase the Corvette Z06’s capabilities: it proved that it belongs at the pinnacle of international racing alongside the world’s best supercars.  Being a big fan of the Corvette, Don Brown Chevrolet wants to hear your thoughts about the Corvette Z06 when compared to more luxurious brands like Porsche and Lamborghini!  Tell us your thoughts below!

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