How to Use a Car Jack

Changing a Tire

For anyone who hasn’t actually used a jack before, the vague instructions about jacking up your car in most car repair or tire replacement guides can be a roadblock. Next time you have a flat tire, keep these instructions on how to use a car jack in mind.  These tips will save you a lot of time and trouble the next time you have an issue with your vehicle.

First, using a jack can be very unsafe if you aren’t careful about it. For example, using just a jack is fine when you’re just changing out a flat tire, but if you plan on doing work underneath your vehicle you need a jack stand in order to ensure the vehicle is properly held up and doesn’t fall due to the weight of the car. You also need to put blocks by the wheels so the car doesn’t roll while you’re working.

When you go to jack up the car, be very careful about where you place the jack. Your owner’s manual should indicate the correct placement. If you have a scissor jack, you’ll insert the rod into the hole over the knob and crank it. With a hydraulic jack, you’ll pump the handle up and down. Turn the handle the opposite direction or turn the pressure release valve to lower the jack.

Hopefully this will help you the next time you’re in a pickle and need to use a jack.  If you still have questions or need help in a situation like this, feel free to call us at Don Brown Chevrolet and we can help!

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