Groundbreaking Chevrolet Emoji Press Release Precedes New Cruze Release

2015 Chevy Cruze

2015 Chevy Cruze

The next-generation Chevy Cruze is set to debut this month with more technology and sophistication than ever before, making it the perfect fit for Chevrolet’s target audience: young drivers. And it looks like the American carmaker has come up with the perfect way to showcase the Cruze’s appeal—with emojis – the popular, pictorial cell phone language.

Chevy’s new press release for the Cruze is written entirely in emojis. The majority of the emoji press release is pretty confusing, though there are some clear parts. The press release definitely promises that the Cruze will come with OnStar, offer significant cell connectivity on the go, and will be better for the environment than other cars.

If you want to see the emoji press release for yourself, you can check it out here, where one writer has bravely attempted to decipher the code. The automaker is using the hashtag “#ChevyGoesEmoji” to help increase the press release trend as we move closer to the new Cruze premiere.

Can you decipher the Chevrolet emoji press release? Let us know what you think of this light-hearted press release in the comments below.  We would love to find out more about the Chevrolet Cruze from this creative press release at Don Brown Chevrolet!

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