What are Regenerative Brakes?

Car BrakesRegenerative braking is all the rage in recent hybrid and electric cars, but what are regenerative brakes, exactly? To understand the difference, we have to talk about how conventional brakes work in non-hybrid vehicles.  We will show you the difference in both and explain why regenerative brakes are a better option!

Conventional brakes use friction to stop your car, which releases heat energy and takes fuel.  Because of this, it requires more energy to replace using even more fuel. This is a big part of why stop-and-go city driving drains your gas quicker than driving on the freeway.

Regenerative brakes are different. They use a hybrid gas and electric system to reverse the direction of the motors when you brake, stopping the car’s forward momentum. This not only means less energy lost, but the regenerative brakes use this process to generate electricity and use that electricity to replace any lost energy instead of using fuel.

Regenerative brakes, then, are much more fuel-efficient than standard brakes, and they’re an essential contributing factor to the higher fuel economy of hybrid vehicles.  Come find out for yourself by testing driving one of our Chevy vehicles with regenerative brakes here at Don Brown Chevrolet!

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