How Does Chevy 4G LTE Work?

Cell PhonesWith the introduction 4G LTE availability in newer Chevy models, a common question from buyers is “how exactly does that work?” So here at Don Brown Chevrolet, we are here to explain exactly what you get with Chevy’s 4G LTE.

The easy answer is that the car creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, but that’s another term often said but never explained. What even is a Wi-Fi hotspot? How can a device act as a hotspot? Does it use up your 4G data?

In relation to smartphones, you can project your phone’s 3G or 4G connection so that you can connect your Wi-Fi-only devices to the internet your phone provides when no other Wi-Fi connections are available, thus turning the phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot and, yes, using up your data.

With Chevy 4G LTE, the car itself receives 4G internet and then turns that into a Wi-Fi signal for your devices, like your phone, so that you aren’t using your phone’s data. The Chevy data plan is totally worth it—it’s affordable, gets a far superior signal according to a number of driver reports, and saves you money on cell phone data.

Chevy’s 4G LTE is a great investment for the technologically inclined driver, so make your next car a 4G-capable Chevy!

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