Chevy Engineers Have Big Plans for the New 2016 Camaro Design

2015 Chevrolet Camaro

2015 Chevrolet Camaro

Because the 2016 Camaro is set to be the first version of the world-famous sixth-generation muscle car, many car enthusiasts are setting their standards pretty high. While that might make some automakers nervous, Chevy loves a challenge. Engineers have recently made an array of upgrades to the 2016 Camaro design.

According to Chevy, engineers are doing everything they can to lighten the new model without taking away structural integrity. Thanks to over 9 million hours of computational time honing the new design, engineers have developed a new rigid body structure to make the model nearly 30% stiffer, therefore allowing the model to shed some pounds.

“The modeling abilities of computer aided engineering are advancing at incredible rates,” said Jim Karlavage, Camaro program engineering manager. He goes on to day, “today, we can accurately model opportunities to add torsional strength without adding unnecessary mass. The result is a lighter, stiffer structure that benefits every aspect of the driving experience.”

What does this mean for drivers? More torsional strength means more bang for your buck, when it comes to structural integrity. Less material can be used on the new model, giving drivers a lighter car. That means better handling, better performance, and higher efficiency. We can’t wait to see what Chevy engineers come up with next here at Don Brown Chevrolet.

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