April Fool’s Day is Chevrolet’s #BestDayEver

April Fool’s Day might be known to most as a day of silly pranks, bad jokes, and general tomfoolery, but to Chevrolet it was also, and we’re quoting here, “the #BestDayEver.”

The reason for that is because the automaker basically turned April 1st on its head by doing the opposite of what’s normally associated with the date. Things like an impromptu Kelly Clarkson concert for pregnant women and new moms, opening day tickets to Major League Baseball games across the country, gas cards from NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, and more.

You can view it all on Chevrolet’s official YouTube channel, including Alec Baldwin dressing up as Abraham Lincoln, Olivia Wilde showing up as the substitute teacher at Brooklyn Navy Yard, and Manchester United players helping someone’s Make-A-Wish come true.  Whatever you thought was supposed to happen on April 1st, Chevy has changed it for the better!

As it turns out, we might have to agree with the automaker at Don Brown Chevy. That really does sound like the best day ever for quite a lot of people, instead of a day filled will pranks!

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