Beneficial Tips for Traveling with a Pet

Beneficial Tips for Traveling with a Pet

ST. LOUIS, Miss. – There’s no question that dog is man’s best friend. With this significant title to fulfill, we know most pet owners like to have their furry friends with them whenever possible – we feel the same way! Believe it or not, there was a study done last year that said more than half of Americans take their pet on vacation with them. With 62% of Americans being pet owners, it’s a good thing these “pet friendly” places are becoming more and more popular. We know our pets are considered part of the family, so if you tend to travel with your pal, let us help you with our Beneficial Tips for Traveling with a Pet!

To ensure a great trip with your furry friend there are quite a few things to consider! One of the most important tips is to make sure your pet is up to date on all current vaccinations, and depending on where you’re headed, get additional vaccinations to protect against any possible threats. According to PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) Chicago, here are some other Beneficial Tips for Traveling with a Pet ––

  • Make sure your pet’s collar is always on and carry a picture of your pet with you – both of these are crucial incase you are separated, however, this is something that can be prevented by making sure they are always on a leash!
  • When it comes to our pets and traveling, they all react differently. Some dogs and cats absolutely LOVE going in the car, while others shake and howl. It’s important to know how your pet will respond before the big trip, so be to take a few test drives with them to prevent any problems the day of. This will also allow your pet to be familiar with the scent of the car and help them to feel more comfortable when it comes time to travel.
  • Some states require you to restrain your pet with cargo carriers, but this is an important factor no matter what. You wouldn’t let your child ride in the car without a seatbelt, right? Well, same goes for your pet! A cargo carrier will keep them safe in the event of an accident, as well as keeping them in the back seat to prevent any injuries if an airbag is deployed.
  • Of course don’t forget your pet’s favorite part – snacks and water! Packing ice in place of water is something to consider. It is a little less messy, and licking it will keep them hydrated during warm weather road trips. Just like with your child, never leave your pet alone in a hot car. The car gets extremely hot, and FAST, which can lead to overheating in just a matter of minutes! 
  • For cats, it’s worth considering a portable liter box and scratching post. Both of these items will help to keep them at ease during those never-ending road trips – which is a big plus for you as well!

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