St. Louis Football Stadium Proposal Heard by House

Football FieldMissouri economic development officials heard a proposal just as Stan Kroenke, owner of the St. Louis Rams, was working on a project of his own. He was working on building a stadium near Los Angeles while the hearing covered a new football stadium in St. Louis. Officials cited that the proposed St. Louis football stadium could bring in as much as $300 million over the next three decades.

Some lawmakers cited the stadium as a method to entice the Rams to stay in St. Louis or to attract another team. Others doubted the income, which would mostly come from the football player’s income taxes, citing that taxes collected from players in the past three years has decreased. In 2003, $13 million was collected in income tax, reaching up to $21 million in 2012 before gradually decreasing. In 2014, the state collected a little less than $18 million.

Still other lawmakers questioned whether the Rams would even leave St. Louis if a new stadium wasn’t built. Kroenke would need 75% approval of all NFL team owners in order to leave. He also has to submit an application a year in advance. Only time will tell what will happen to the beloved Rams of St. Louis and the fate of the proposed stadium.  Tell us at Don Brown Chevrolet your opinion of this proposal!

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