Safety Tips for Halloween Trick Or Treating

ST. LOUIS, Miss. – With Halloween being only a week away, we know you’re busy decorating pumpkins, figuring out costume details, and purchasing your favorite bag of candy. This boo-tiful holiday is a day that every child looks forward to year after year. Dressing up, and eating your favorite candy while being with friends and family, what’s not to love? To make sure you’re little pumpkins stay safe during the spookiest night of the year, it is important to talk about Safety Tips for Halloween Trick or Treating from our friends over at the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Safety Tips for Halloween Trick or Treating
  • Be bright! It’s important to choose a shiny, flame-resistant costume so that your child can be easily seen in the dark. If they insist on a costume that doesn’t include these features, not to worry! Just add reflective tape and carry a flash light to get the same effect.
  • Create a trick or treating route that is in a lit, well-known neighborhood. Establishing the route only gets you half way there, make sure everyone sticks to it!
  • Always make sure young children are escorted by a trusted adult, and that older kids are always stick with a group. Even if everyone is familiar with the area, trick-or-treaters should never be alone!
  • Be sure to always walk younger children to the door, and never let them enter the house unless an adult is with them. Many adults watch the children approach the house from the end of the drive way, but it only takes seconds for something to happen to them, so being close is essential!
  • Same goes for cars – occupied or not, never let children approach a car unless you are with them.
  • Basic pedestrian safety rules are also key for children to understand before the big night.  Halloween involves a lot of walking, so knowing these rules will help to keep them safe when strolling throughout the neighborhood.
  • It’s crucial to make sure that the children know their address, home phone number, and how to call 911. This is a fundamental safety rule that all children should be familiar with in the event that they need to handle an emergency situation on their own.
  • Discuss the importance of remaining alert! Let your children know just how important it is the be aware of their surroundings, and that if they see anything suspicious to ALWAYS tell a trusted adult or law enforcement.
  • In addition to that, teach children that if anyone ever tries to get them to go anywhere to say”NO!” and to do their best to get away by screaming and kicking. As simple as it may sound, reviewing things like this with them before the big night will help to keep these reminders fresh in their heads.

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