Chevrolet Colorado Excels Through Five Water Intrusion Tests

Chevrolet Colorado Excels Through Five Water Intrusion Tests

ST. LOUIS, Miss. – We don’t mean to burst your bubble, but like it or not, the harsh winter weather will be here before we know it! Is your vehicle ready to take on what Mother Nature has in store? The 2015 Chevy Colorado sure is! With this incredible midsize pickup you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to weather because the Chevrolet Colorado has Excelled Through Five Water Intrusion Tests! But what exactly do these tests entail? Don Brown Chevy is here to fill you in ––

1. The Dunk Tank: This is the newest of water tests! Inspired by the severe flooding that took place back in Thailand in 2011, the truck is driven into the tank as water floods up to the rocker panel –allowing engineers to test how the electrical wires and venting systems react.

2. The Universal Water Test: Driving through a torrential downpour? Have no fear! Using 330 nozzles and spraying over 3,000 liters of water per minute, this test determines the long-term durability of the truck, ensuring that there will never be water leaks.

3. Mist Test: Believe it or not, intense downpours are not the only condition that cause water leaks – a misty environment is a culprit as well! Mist can creep into areas of the vehicle which can cause a leak by having water wick through weatherstrips with low compression.

4. Deep Fording Trough Test: For our off-roading fans, this is an crucial test! A 15-meter deep fording trough simulates low treks through water – just like a stream. It protects against water intrusions that impact the transmission fluids and other components such as rear exhaust.

5. High-Pressure Sprayers: High pressure sprayers are used to test ports, power trail vent and fuel vent systems to ensure costumers won’t damage components. This test allows Chevy to know that the truck can stay in tip-top shape no matter what the weather condition!

We know you depend on your vehicle to get to your expected destination safely, and since the Chevrolet Colorado has Excelled Through Five Water Intrusion Tests, you will always be ready to take on the storm! However, at Don Brown Chevrolet, safety is our #1 priority – so make sure to always stay tuned to the weather stations during severe conditions, and stay indoors when directed to do so!

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