2015 Colorado GearOn Special Edition Debuts at Chicago Auto Show

2015 Chevrolet Colorado GearOn EditionChevrolet’s diverse display of models and products at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show includes the new 2015 Colorado GearOn Edition, a special edition model that focuses on outdoor activities, like hiking, biking, and more.

The GearOn Edition has all of the basic capabilities of the 2015 Colorado, including a bars package, a bed divider, and tie-down rings – which can be switched out with other accessories that haul outdoor cargo such as bicycles.

With a fire-red paint job and a unique, matching grille set, the special edition model stands apart from the standard edition, and has some other cosmetic changes and a few minor details as well. Lastly, a black bowtie badge officially labels the model as the GearOn Edition.

Here’s a gallery of 2015 Colorado GearOn Special Edition images, courtesy of Autoblog. Check out the pictures for yourself, and let us know you what you think about the limited edition model in the comments.

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