Chevy’s LGBT- Inclusive Ads Run During Sochi Olympics

ST. LOUIS, Miss – In case you haven’t heard, Russia and its president Vladimir Putin, have enforced laws that ban “gay propaganda” and have been receiving a great deal of criticism. These vague, homophobic encouraged laws have forced people from all over the world to speak out. So, where does Chevrolet come into all of this? Chevy created LGBT- Inclusive Ads that Ran During the Sochi Olympics, speaking out against LGBT discrimination in the savviest of ways.

On Friday, February 7th, around noon Eastern, Chevy released two commercials onto YouTube. One for the all-new Chevy Traverse and the other, for the Chevrolet brand. But, what made these ads so different? Both commercials included LGBT families and same-sex weddings. The heart-warming ads made their debut on television during the broadcast of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia! Ironic? We think not.

The ads were created to make a statement – declaring Chevrolet and General Motors long-time support for LGBT equality and also criticizing the encouragement of homophobia in Russia and other countries around the world. A fair amount of companies have started to spread the word and support the LGBT community as welll and so far the public is on their side.

Check out the two heart-felt commercials below:

At Don Brown Chevrolet, we are proud to be supporters of LGBT and all other communities within the city of St. Louis. All of those who walk through our dealership doors will be granted the same exceptional customer service and treatment that we strive to provide to each and every one of our customers.

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