Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Improving Fuel Economy

ST. LOUIS, Miss – You know the drill – gas prices shoot up, then they graciously drop down, they shoot right back up, and so on. Regardless of the amount per gallon, we are always looking for ways to save money at the pump. Thanks to Chevrolet’s technological efforts, we have many fuel efficient vehicles at our finger tips. However, there are still times where we find ourselves spending a large sum on fuel. We are here to bust common myths and tell you the truth about increasing gas mileage and saving money with Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Improving Fuel Economy.

Myth: Non-chain, independent gas stations have poor quality fuel.
Fact or Fiction: FICTION. Local or independent gas stations usually purchase their fuel from a big name brand oil company. Filling up at a streamline station or the mom and pop station on the corner won’t make a difference in your gas mileage!

Myth: To save gas you should pay more.
Fact or Fiction: FICTION. Some are under the impression that premium grades of gas provide better gas mileage. This is false. Unless you own a luxury or sport vehicle with a high-performance engine that requires premium fuel, you are wasting your money. Check your owner’s manual if you are unsure of which grade to use. The owner’s manual will indicate the suggested – or required – grade of fuel for your vehicle. 

Myth: Windows down = decreases gas mileage.
Fact or Fiction: The answer to this is very tricky. Multiple studies have been done to prove whether turning on the A/C or driving with the windows down makes for better gas mileage. Researchers from Edmunds.com reported that a pickup truck received almost 10% better gas mileage when driving with the windows down. Consumer Reports also stated that running the air conditioning while driving at 65mph can decrease your mileage by 1mph or more. However, others argue that the wind pulls the vehicle back when the windows are down, forcing the vehicle to work harder. Overall, it depends on the vehicle and the speed at which you are driving. The easy answer? Slower driving = better mileage. 

Myth: Early morning fill-ups get you more gas.
Fact or Fiction: FICTION. Whether you choose to fill up your tank before or after work, the amount of gas you receive will be the exact same. It is said that fluids are denser at lower temperatures, meaning you would receive a larger volume of gas. The truth is that your car is designed to keep the gas tank at a constant temperature and it will hold the same volume of gas no matter what time of day you fill up.

Now that you’ve read Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Improving Fuel Economy, you can start looking for the perfect Chevrolet vehicle that gets you great fuel mileage! At Don Brown Chevrolet, we have Chevy Cruzes, Impalas, and Malibus that will get you from point A to point B with minimal gas! Stop by the dealership today and get the Don Brown deal you deserve! 

Don Brown Chevrolet is located at 2244 S. Kingshighway in St. Louis, MO, at the entrance of “The Hill”. At Don Brown, we are committed to providing our customers with the full dealership experience. For more information visit our website www.donbrownchevrolet.com or contact us at (314) 282-7887.
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